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ET and p.

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ET ," Newsweek reported. UTC before the skies are graced with the especially long total eclipse," which will last almost two hours. If you've seen the movie Practical Magic starring Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, then you might remember when the spell-casting sisters noticed the blood moon right before things started to get bringing-people-back-from-the-dead creepy.

Fated Blood Moon Eclipse in Leo! Dark Goddess Astrology Jan 18-24

While a series of unfortunate events befell Sally and Gillian Owens in the movie, the blood moon, which is a supermoon total lunar eclipse, is actually nothing to be afraid of. In fact, blood moon total lunar eclipses happen about every days, and it has yet to wipe out humankind. When in doubt, turn to science, which can usually debunk any end-of-days theories. January 21, Greatest eclipse: a.

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January 21, Total lunar eclipse ends: a. January 21, Partial umbral eclipse ends: a. January 21, Eastern Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p. January 20, Total lunar eclipse begins: p. January 20, Greatest eclipse: a. Central Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p. January 20, Greatest eclipse: p.

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January 20, Total lunar eclipse ends: p. January 20, Partial umbral eclipse ends: a. Mountain Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p. January 20, Partial umbral eclipse ends: p.

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January 20, Pacific Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p. Alaskan Time Partial umbral eclipse begins: p. Hawaiian Time Moon partially eclipsed at moonrise: p. Clouded out?

Wrong side of Earth to view the moon in eclipse? Watch online via the Virtual Telescope Project.

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If you want to know more specifically when or if this eclipse is visible from your part of the world, try one of these sources:. Tension is high, particularly in busy zappy places with large groups of people. Watch-out as nerves fray and tempers bubble and boil. Note how the dynamic hot-head Mars remains in backward motion until the end of August, when it dips back from spacy Aquarius into realistic Capricorn, its sign of exaltation. Defence mechanisms now need to be reviewed.

Duck and cover if necessary. In the actual night sky a retrograde fiery red Mars is an amazing sight to behold, however Along with all the other seven planets now visible-to-the-naked-eye!

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Build strength and stamina and put some iron in your soul when contemplating the scarlet planet at the zenith of the mid-night heavens these next couple of months; the closeness of Mars during such a long sojourn in Aquarius since May16th creates perfect viewing conditions. After two months of being in apparent backward motion, dynamic Mars goes forward on the 28 th August. This is the ancient law.

Is there anything worse than having a hot date turn-up at the wrong time or place?! Lovers beware: timing is crucial. Stay cool, cosmic friends. How we communicate with others is vital to getting needs met. Trickster Mercury has many modes of communication.