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Until 16 February , you would have to work hard in all spheres of your life and it might be a struggling period for you, and present you with trying times. However, with perseverance and hard work, you can surely ace past the challenges, says the Leo Horoscope. Be careful to not entwine yourself in matters of the court this year, and stay away from situations that might make you deal with legal and court matters.

From 14 April , your ruling planet Sun would transit in its exalted sign, and thus would present you with achievements in life. It is advisable that you try to curb your anger between the days of 22 March to 4 May of , and control your urge to react in an aggressive way. This is because, during this period, Mars gets exalted in the sixth house from your zodiac sign Leo, with Saturn. Due to this transit of Saturn in its own sixth house, your struggles would increase but you would also get many golden opportunities to prove your worth, says the Leo Horoscope.

However, there is an odd-chance that you might be tangles in a court case, which might put you through trying situations. Therefore, as per the predictions of Vedic Astrology, suggests that you should also try to always keep a check on your anger, and maintain a humble and gentle profile at all time. Get your fortune predictions for You have ingrained feeling of being better than the others. It actually works for you too as you always try to put in the extra effort to stand out of the crowd For Pacific Time, subtract 3 hours from the given times.

For UT, add 5 hours. One can use the above void tables to discover these windows as follows:.

The period from August 27, , at PM [when the Moon enters a new sign, in this case Leo], to August 28, , at PM [when the Moon forms its last major aspect before leaving the sign of Leo] would be considered a fairly flowing period for beginning new projects. There are a multitude of other considerations for electing good times to start things, but this is a fine way to do some narrowing down or to begin the process of weeding out.

Void periods do not necessarily deny results but results can be more challenging to achieve during void Moon periods. The Moon phase is another important consideration for the timing of events.

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Timing with the Moon Timing with the Astrological Moon Electional Astrology — Techniques for Determining Ideal Days The Moon is the fastest moving planet luminary , and it is used extensively for timing in predictive astrology in progressions, for example , horary astrology charting the moment a question is posed , and in electional astrology choosing the best time to do something, such as start a business.

What is a Void Moon Good for? Finishing up projects that have already begun before the void of course Moon. Taking stock, making to-do lists, and finding lost objects. Editing, refining, and reviewing. Social events with established friends and with family.

How To Judge Effects Of Saturn Transit 12222 In Any Horoscope

Rest and sleep will be more peaceful during the void of course Moon. Getting rid of excess.

LEO Horoscope 12222 – Planetary Transit:

What activities should be avoided during the Void Moon? Meeting new people with whom you might want a long-term relationship. Job interviews, presentations of new ideas Making important, large purchases items bought now may not be used, might not turn out as expected, etc. Beginning new projects, launching a new business or starting a new job. You should aim for that aspect to be a sextile or trine, and in some cases depending on the nature of the planet , a conjunction.

Its symbol is based on the Sumerians' primordial god of wisdom and waters, Enki , [6] with the head and upper body of a goat and the lower body and tail of a fish. In India, the zodiac sign of Capricorn is celebrated as the Makara Sankranti festival. Hence, the festival is celebrated on either of 14 or 15 January every year, when, as per the Indian astronomical calendar, the Sun enters the Capricorn sign.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the astrological sign. For the astronomical constellation, see Capricornus.