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Both the Sumerians and Akkadians have a similar meaning to their words and these definitions answer for the mutual icons of Pisces as 2 fish connected by the fins. Go from Pisces Mythology and return to Zodiac mythology Main.

Pisces (astrology)

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Find out the Pisces Love Matches. The place where Aries Cardinal paw reignites the zodiac and spirals the zodiac forward in time. So while Neptune and the trident will always be the main association with Pisces, many astrologers work with Jupiter as a Co-Ruler with Neptune.

There are a few myths involving Pisces. In one account Aphrodite and Eros are turned into fish and swim away.

What March's Pisces Horoscope Means for You

In an alternate version they turn into fish and are lead to safety by two fish. The heroic efforts of the two fish had them immortalized amongst the constellations. Subscribe To Agent 64's Astrolosophy Newsletter Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

He was the greatest astronomer in the Greco-Roman world and he lived about years ago.

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The story of Pisces start with Typhon, a Greek god. This god was as bad as bad can be. But not, Typhon.

The Mythology of Pisces, Legendary Story and Tales

Everything about this god is dangerous and deadly. He was described as a giant. His upper body was that of a man, but his legs consisted of snakes.

His head also was a collection of snake heads grown into fiery hair, which constantly released a terrible scream. To top it all off, this monster even had wings!

This made Typhon a very powerful adversary to the gods. The gods were obviously not on good terms with Typhon, and he was treated as an outcast.