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It has nothing to do with capability and everything to do with them being sidetracked easily. On the upside, they are incredibly intelligent, and enjoy being around like-minded and equally intelligent people. They are creative at their core, and are spiritually inclined. These are the type of people who would travel to the Himalayas to speak with and possibly even pray with the monks. They seek enlightenment in every sense of the word.

Leo: Overall, this relationship is fun-loving, energetic and quite possible explosive! The two of you have a lot in common, and you will be drawn to how self-confident your Leo is. Because you are hardly ever jealous, your Leo will enjoy a long leash to lavish in the attention of others. You are confident that they only have eyes for you, and are okay with their flirtatious nature. The biggest risk in this relationship is you offending your Leo, who is incredibly sensitive to any kind of criticism, especially personal.

Ultimately, you are both optimistic and carefree, making this a great match. Libra: This sign is exceptionally attractive, optimistic and outgoing, which are traits you appreciate and enjoy. You both have a tremendous number of things in common including charisma, being extroverted and outgoing, although because your Libra is the most sociable of all the signs, they are likely to have you beat in those areas.

Differences between these two signs are minimal. Libra is classy and cares a lot about their appearance. While you are far from slovenly, you are not quite as worried about how you look when you go out. You will almost always be ready before your Libra. Aries: This is one of those signs that might just be your soulmate. They are passionate, adventurous and intelligent. They will always inspire you and blend almost perfectly with your personality, needs, desires and outlook on life. You are both charismatic, and your friends will adore the way the two of you feed off each other.

Aries are more philosophical, which Sagittarius often lack. The two of you may not always see eye to eye, but your conversations may just lead to great debates. If one considers occasional outbursts an issue, then that might be the only setback when it comes to this match. Aries tend to be explosive and angry at times. Luckily, you are able to defuse the situation with ease.

Aquarius: One of the best astrological matches for you, the Aquarius is also soulmate potential. You both value independence, and are wary of taking that huge leap to marriage too soon. This will probably stay a casual relationship for quite some time, which the both of you are perfectly happy with. This is also one of the rare matches in which long-distance relationships are sustainable.

Neither of you are overly emotional, and are both brutally honest. This is one of the few partners who will not be easily offended by your candid nature. The only real weakness in this relationship is that neither of you are domestic or very practical. Just remember not to do it yourself and hire a handyman.

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Problem solved! This water sign ruled by Pluto is resourceful, passionate, stubborn, brave and a true friend until the end. They appreciate the truth, longtime friends and have fun teasing those they are comfortable with. The sign that represents Scorpios typifies them well. They are excellent keepers of secrets, and feel emotions much more intensely than any other sign. Because of this, they are able to help people with their problems, and are capable of getting to the root of any issue.

That makes them suspicious, paranoid and stubborn without any real cause. On the upside, Scorpios have self-control in almost every other area of their lives. Likewise, they expect the same from others. They are protective and disciplined. They are very giving and, again, expect the same in return. Virgo: Your Virgo tends to be shy, reserved and timid making way for your strong personality and supreme confidence.

This will go over well with your Virgo who will bring organization to the relationship, which is an area Scorpios are lacking. Virgo are also cautious and reserved. In the beginning, it may appear as though they are uninterested by your advances, which is normal. Initially, you will be the talkative one but, over time, Virgo will feel comfortable, and perhaps be the chattiest in the relationship. Scorpios are stubborn, volatile and secretive.

Virgos are intellectual, analytical and fairly critical. As long as the two of you are able to accept these differences, your relationship will flourish. Pisces: Your Pisces will benefit greatly from your strength and protectiveness.

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They will put you first, and you will stop allowing others to take advantage of them. In this relationship, you both feel completely secure, which is no easy task for most other signs. Although possessiveness can be viewed as a negative attribute, it works well for this relationship, because it provides the security you both need. You are both loyal, which leads to trust; an important thing in all relationships. If angry, direct it elsewhere and not at your sensitive Pisces. For the most part, Pisces are not the type to be pushed away over petty bickering. Cancer: This sign is a close tie with Pisces for a great match.

In this relationship, you are both emotional, highly intuitive, possessive, loyal and empathetic. This has the ability to make you both feel more loved than any other sign and no one should be surprised if you marry quickly. Whirlwind romances work well within this pair. Cancer is more sensitive than they let on, and while Scorpios are known for being vindictive, Cancers can be as well, if they are pushed far enough. To your Cancer, it may appear as though their mood is pushing you away when in reality, you just need a little more space.

Capricorn: You have similar goals and values and, through this, the two of you will have a deep respect for each other. You both value hard work and security, are reserved and appreciate a quiet and nice home environment. Your Capricorn has a lot of ambition, sense of purpose and determination, all of which are admirable qualities to you. In return, they will admire your insight, passion and amazing intuition. Your Capricorn is incredibly down to earth and responsible. They are reliable and grounding, both of which appeal to you.

Loyalty is something you each have in spades, and you are able to get through the toughest of times in your relationship. Overall, this is a nearly perfect match. The only negative aspect is that you are both stubborn.

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Your Capricorn is slightly more flexible and likely to be able to provide a little more give when it comes to disagreements. As the symbol for this sign suggests, Libras are all about balance, and need it more in their lives than any other sign.

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  • They like to find that balance between work, social, recreational and family lives and are quite capable of doing so. Eventually, that is. Because they need to take their time to come to the right decision, Libras can seem wishy washy to those around them. Libras are air elementals ruled by Venus. They are diplomatic, gracious, cooperative, social and most of all, fair-minded. They like harmony, sharing, the outdoors and are generally very gentle. This sign finds happiness when others are happy, and when the world around them is balanced and harmonious.

    They are charming, and that charm is what draws people to them. They enjoy just about any form of meditation, because it helps them find balance on the inside that they so desperately need. On the upside, Libras are fair and just. They become upset if this is not the case. They like to discuss their favorite topics at great length, and the decisions a Libra make will benefit the greatest number of people. They are self-sacrificing for the greater good of their family or teammates. On the downside, because they take so long to make a decision, it may appear to others that they are lazy or absent-minded.

    If they perceive a situation to be unfair or unjust, they will become argumentative. You are both highly intellectual, analytical and openly communicate well.

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    Adventure through travel is something you both enjoy as well as the experience of new and exciting things. Socially, parties and gatherings are something you do together and you are rarely at home. Any conversation between the two of you will be intelligent and fun, even if the topic is something you disagree on or is hotly debated. In the grand scheme of things, though, it is minor, and will not affect the overall relationship. Sagittarius: Your Sagittarius partner is very spontaneous and adventurous. They are also more likely to bring these traits out in you over other signs you are compatible with.

    Your Sagittarius partner is passionate and intense but incredibly fun, and you will enjoy spending time with them. You are the more sociable of your two signs, but your Sagittarius is willing to hang out and be comfortable in your social circles as well. Of all the signs, Libras are most diplomatic, while Sagittarius are sometimes overly blunt and direct.

    You each have a wonderful and similar sense of humor. Money seems to be the main negative aspect of this match. Leo: Your Leos dominating nature will draw you in quickly. Of all the signs, they have the highest self-confidence, and are so dramatic they will take your breath away. Leos almost always want to be in control of relationships, which usually works for Libras.

    In this relationship, you are intellectual, while your Leo is passionate.

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    Conversations and debates will be abundant and Leos admire Libras social skills in this area. Leos act on a whim, while Libras like to take the time to analyze the pros and cons of almost every situation. Leos always have an opinion, and this gives the Libra the opportunity to help them change their mind. Be careful not to agree with your Leo on everything.

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    Sometimes, they can get carried away and extreme, meaning they need the careful, calculated Libra to keep them grounded. Aquarius: Your Aquarian partner is fun, and you have much in common. There is a deep, natural mental connection between the two of you. Their quick wit and objective nature will appeal to the balanced Libra. You are both fun loving yet rational people.

    You are also excellent communicators, which is a great base for any relationship. First and foremost, the two of you will be friends before lovers. Aquarius are prone to rebellion, however, which does not always appeal to the fair and just Libra. Alternatively, Aquarius have a difficult time with anyone who is too bossy, which is a trait most Libras have. Also, in this relationship, the Libra is most likely to be ready for commitment long before their Aquarian partner.

    There is nothing to be concerned with, though, as they are simply independent; It has nothing to do with their willingness to commit. Virgos are Earth elementals ruled by Mercury. They are loyal, hardworking, practical, kind and analytical. They like and connect with animals, enjoy books, cleanliness and nature. This sign is cool, calm and collected, which is why the symbol of the maiden was chosen. Like a maiden, on the surface they appear mild mannered, but underneath there is a barrage of activities going on. Their minds are always on the go, they never stop thinking, and they are always calculating or assessing their situation.

    They are nurturing and detail-oriented. As an earth sign, Virgos enjoy making things with their hands, often from the land — such as pottery or woodwork. They are not bossy or loud, and are brilliant strategists, making them an asset to teams. Their brilliance sometimes leads to their taking on more than they should and, in the end, their work will suffer for it. On the upside, Virgos are truly compassionate when it comes to their fellow man.

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    They are patient, love to laugh and are kind. They tend to be the strong, silent type and are creative thinkers. They are family oriented. Cancer: This match has a tremendous amount in common, and your Cancer will constantly help you build your self-confidence.

    Your natural stability will overcome Cancers occasional moodiness and take it all in stride. You both like to feel a sense of security and feel loved, which you are equally equipped to give to your partner. Each sign is hardworking, although Cancer is saving for a rainy day, while Virgos prefer to simply be productive.

    Financially, you are both conservative, meaning money should not be an issue in your relationship. The only negative in this relationship is that both of you are overly critical at times, which may lead to a confrontation.

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    In the end, neither of you are grudge holders, and will forgive easily. You will also appreciate their stubbornness and strength. They are able to read you easily and without much effort, which works well for you. Scorpios like to be in control of a relationship, which you are okay with so long as they allow your personal space when the need arises. You are logical, whereas your Scorpio is very emotional. Attempting to figure them out using logic will not get you very far. There is no need to analyze your Scorpio mate. They are good for you in nearly every way.

    Capricorn: This sign is top notch and your best match, right alongside Taurus. Your Capricorn has some serious soulmate potential, and the two of you are so incredibly similar that you will understand one another on a level most others cannot. You are the same, but not to the extent that the relationship will become boring quickly. You are both mature, caring, hardworking, intelligent and rational. Relationships with opposing signs can be bad for your self-confidence.

    Capricorns are great at ego boosting, and are genuine when they pay a compliment. They will always encourage you and approve of just about anything you do. Capricorns can have a detached air about them, which to others makes them seem aloof. You are able to understand this quirk, and are appreciative of their reserved and sophisticated nature. There are no negative aspects to this pairing, unless you consider you being more flexible than your partner to be a bad thing.

    Overall, this is one of those rare matches made in heaven, or taken from the pages of a heated romance novel. You put in the time and effort to maintain affection relationships, but may find trouble keeping a positive outlook. Stay firm in the pursuit of your goals to avoid your pessimistic tendencies. A December 31 Capricorn responds to their heart, not their head.

    They may be impractical in the extreme, but they also paint their world in vibrant and extreme colors. A certain brilliance does not shield them from a great deal of instability. This can be a drawback to maturation, yet it also provides them with the emotional exhilaration they crave. December 31 Birthday Horoscope. Being optimistic and flexible, the December 14 birthday personality shows great temperament and attitude.

    However, you are a go-getter but you are kind of fickle. I mean, you may switch projects in the middle of doing one leaving it unfinished. As the 14th December birthdate zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you are a curious individual. You love the History and Bio channels. Your friends say that you are a walking knowledge bank. Games like jeopardy are easy for you but occasionally provide a challenge. On the other hand, you like games of chance and ones that offer some kind of risk. The Sagittarius born today is curious about most things but particularly those things that are not conventional.

    On the other hand, you can be slow to make a move. Some decisions should receive more consideration than others and you are a patient person. As the 21st December birthdate zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you are a cheerful individual. Some people think you were born under a lucky star. If you could bestow all of your friends one wish, you would wish them peace at heart and of mind. You are constantly thinking of your friends and ways to enhance relationships. The December 21 birthday personality not only tells their friends and family that they care, but they show them as well.

    This Sagittarius simply knows how to blend in according to the situation at hand. This quality could be closely related to your psychic abilities. You have the ability to be exceptionally successful. The 20th December birthday personality brings the sunshine when they walk into a room. These Sagittarius birthdate people are fun-loving who want to live a youthful life. You may feel that laughter is one of the keys to a healthier life. As the December 20 birthdate zodiac sign is Sagittarius, you value traditions and have strong family connections.

    However, there are a few things that you would like to get rid of from your past like your nickname for instance. The name carries a certain image that you most certainly have overcome. As a Sagittarius who is strong but not so bold you are committed to making your life worth being envied.

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    You want to be successful. You set your sights and goals on redefining yourself and your goals if necessary. You know that having skills is only the beginning of a lasting career. You December 19th birthday personality are extremely tenacious and personable and most people do like you. You can be quite the exhibitionist, however. Yes indeed… you love an audience.